I learned that massage is more about following my baby’s lead than following the steps. Infant massage is a very intimate bonding experience, more so than I thought prior to taking the course… Also, [Randi] sat on the ground with us! I really liked that she was at level with us, I felt like she was guiding us instead of directing us.


It was a worthwhile experience and very useful to know massage works for baby.


Randi is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions. She made class relaxing and fun.


[Randi] was very easy going and had no problem repeating instructions. I like the fact I can use the information I learned to bond with my baby and as he ages. I also enjoyed the group setting, spending time with other moms and babies.


[Randi] was very relaxed and had lots of great information about baby massage. I had an awesome time and would recommend this to parents with young children.