Mobile Massage Appointments

Starting November 2022, I will be offering mobile massage appointments to long-standing clients. Due to limited availability, I will not be accepting new clients or referrals at this time.

Mobile appointments will only be available within Winnipeg city limits. As I am new to offering mobile appointments, I appreciate your patience while I figure out the logistics.

Scheduling, Arrival & Duration

If you would like to book a mobile massage appointment with me, you can do so by contacting me directly. Online booking for mobile may be available in the future once I get a feel for my schedule and availability.

While your massage appointment will be set for a specific duration, remember that additional time will be required for me to set up my equipment, tear-down, provide consultations and aftercare, and take payment; all of this may require 20-30 minutes in total. Please expect me to arrive 10-15 minute before your appointment time for set-up. If multiple family members are receiving treatment back-to-back, please allow for 10 minutes between appointments.

Accessibility & Safety

Please do your best to ensure safe access to the entrance of your home, including clearing snow and ice off the main walkway in the winter, keeping in mind that I will be carrying a heavy table and other equipment each time. Within your home, please keep the path to your treatment space free of tripping hazards. Please also share information regarding ideal places to park, or any restrictions there may be.

In addition, I would appreciate if you could disclose whether you have any pets before I arrive. I am a dog lover, however a negative experience in the past left me with a fear of large dogs who are aggressive, and a healthy respect for their territory. If your pet is not welcoming to newcomers, please consider keeping them in a separate space for the duration of my visit. I am happy to text or call before approaching the yard or front door if you wish to move your pet somewhere safe while I enter and set up.


In order to provide mobile appointments, sufficient space is required for placement of the massage plinth as well as for me to work around it.

Accommodations can be made in cases where you may be unable to get on or off the table. I am able to work around various positions and can massage through clothing if necessary. The appointment duration and areas of focus can be adjusted to best suit your needs and ensure your safety.

For the best experience, choose a private space that is quite and relaxing wherever possible, however if this is not an option, instead consider a quieter time, or let your household members know you are getting a massage so as not to disrupt your appointment.

Ultimately it is your home, and at times it is difficult to avoid day-to-day activities and noise. If a mobile massage makes the difference between you taking time for yourself and opting out because you are unable to travel or no one can watch your children, a little noise is worth it. Your experience is the most important to me so as long as you are comfortable, I won’t mind.

Comfort & Boundaries

While I am happy to provide the opportunity for you to receive massage treatments in the comfort of your own home, please keep in mind that professional boundaries should be maintained for your safety, as well as my own.

If you have any concerns or do not feel comfortable with something, please be sure to bring it to my attention right away. I will continue to provide the same quality of care that you have come to expect, just as I would at the clinic.

That being said, I also expect the same respect in return. If something isn’t appropriate in a clinic setting, please refrain from saying it during your mobile appointment. Inappropriate language or behaviour will not be tolerated, and will result in the appointment ending immediately if I feel unsafe.


I will provide:

The plinth (massage table)
Coconut oil, essential oils if requested
Music including a good-quality, portable speaker – feel free to provide your own if you prefer
My own hand soap for washing up before and after the treatment
A small stool*

You will provide:

A space where you can relax
Safe access to your home and designated treatment area
Additional blankets, pillows or bolsters if needed

*If you have a small stool or chair that I could use during your treatment, please let me know as it will reduce the number of heavy items I need to carry in.

Prices, Insurance & Payment

As I am offering mobile massage treatments to regular clients in order to remain as accessible as possible. Prices include travel fees.

I will continue to direct bill insurance on your behalf and accept payment by cash or debit. As usual, if insurance claims fail I will take full payment and provide an email receipt which you can submit for reimbursement.

30 minute*$60+GST
45 minute*$76+GST
60 minute$95+GST
75 minute$114+GST
90 minute$133+GST
Therapeutic, relaxation and perinatal massage.
*Due to travel and set-up time, 30- and 45-minute appointments can only be booked when more than one appointment is scheduled in a single visit ie two or more family members in the household back-to-back.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours will be required for cancelling or rescheduling mobile massage appointments. Insufficient notice will result in a fee and must be paid before future appointments can be made. If circumstances within your control prevent me from attending your appointment, such as obstructed or unsafe entry, the appointment will be treated as a late cancellation.

In cases of severe weather, a health related incident or other emergency situations, no fee will be charged.

As always, communication is very important to me so do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding your appointment.

I hope to see you soon!