Massage therapy is a growing form of therapy that benefits virtually everyone, including individuals suffering from conditions such as joint and muscle pain, nerve pain, headaches, digestive conditions, stress, anxiety, depression and trouble sleeping. It can be used in conjunction with other healthcare treatments to manage pain, increase mobility or aid healing after injury or surgery. Massage therapy is also beneficial for women during pregnancy to relieve discomfort and promote circulation. In addition, massage therapy can be utilized as a preventative measure against athletic, repetitive strain or other musculoskeletal injuries.

Unfortunately massage therapy is not yet a regulated health profession in Manitoba. Regulation can officially identify massage therapy as a health care profession, reserve the titles of “massage therapist” and “registered massage therapist” for those eligible to register through the Regulatory College, and separate massage therapy from other industries which provide forms of massage that are not recognized as therapy, such as aesthetics.

In addition, regulation can benefit clients by making massage therapy more recognized by insurance companies than it currently is, which will in turn make massage therapy more accessible to clients who otherwise cannot afford to pay for treatments out of pocket.

For more information about the massage therapy industry in Manitoba and our quest for regulation, visit the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba’s Road to Regulation.

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