Good afternoon,

As many of you may already be aware, Square (the online booking system that I use) has been having some technical issues recently, specifically regarding the automated appointment reminders. It is unclear how long it will take for them to correct this issue.

As done in the past, I must remind my clients that these notifications are of wonderful convenience and provided as a courtesy but should not be relied upon to remember your appointment. Missed appointments with insufficient or no notice are subject to the 50% cancellation fee. I urge you to please record your appointment dates and times in your phone calendar or day planner, or even post them on your fridge.

As of now there seem to be no other problems with the online booking service. If you are having trouble using the online schedule please feel free to contact me.

I apologize for any inconvenience and hope the problem will be corrected shortly.

Have a great evening!

Randi Nowicki RMT, CIMI

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