One Door Closes…

It is the last week at my current clinic and I am so excited to finally, officially become part of the Wolseley Wellness team!

The transition process has been slow. Knowing that I’m leaving while continuing my day-to-day in the same place has had me feeling like I’m floating in limbo. I’ve struggled with conflicting emotions; while I am excited to be moving on, it is painful to leave behind all the people I’ve come to consider my family away from home. Entering the clinic on Monday – the first day of my final week – with these thoughts bouncing around my head was difficult.

Fortunately, yesterday was a better day and brought back my optimism and excitement for the move.

Tomorrow is my last day working with clients at the current location and I will be clearing out my room on Monday. I’ve been too excited to even consider taking time off between clinics, so I will be starting my first day at Wolseley Wellness on Tuesday, November 1st!

My availability will change slightly; I will still be working Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays as usual, but will be incorporating some Tuesdays during the holidays. I will be based primarily at the Portage location, with only the Wednesday appointments being available at Corydon!

Like in any new environment, there will be some adjustment but I feel confident that I can handle a few growing pains – after all, that’s what I do.

For those of you following me from the old clinic, there are several changes on the front end that I would like you to be aware of when booking and attending appointments.

Wolseley Wellness has an incredible administrative team who take care of phone calls and online booking, direct billing to insurance companies, payment and so much more. Because they will be primarily in charge of these tasks, I would recommend taking the time to get to know them. I am so grateful for this team already; with much of the admin work taken care of, I will have more time to focus on what is most important – my practice and my clients.

I know it will take some time to get accustomed to this new workflow and I appreciate your patience. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your questions or concerns.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Take care,

Randi Nowicki RMT, CIMI

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