4 Reasons You Should Attend an Infant Massage Class

Get Out of the House

There’s no denying that bringing a new baby home can feel simply terrifying, especially for first-time parents. For the first few weeks, you do your best to settle into a new routine as a family of plus-one (or more!) which requires a lot of energy and as a result, a lot of rest.

When you finally decide to leave the nest, taking baby anywhere is an ordeal that requires toting along countless items, forgetting any one of which can ruin the entire trip. It’s easy to fall into the habit of simply staying home, only leaving the house when the benefit outweighs the effort by a strong margin – but it’s so worth it.

Building a parenting community is important for stay at home parents who may be feeling lonely, but making friends as an adult can be difficult even without a baby in tow. Attending a regular class or group makes these connections possible and encourages you to break the monotony of newborn life – magical though it may be – to regain some social interaction and emotional support.

Find Support You Didn’t Know You Needed

A lot of the physical benefits of infant massage carry over from massage therapy in general – increased circulation, pain relief and relaxation are all equally important to our babies as they are to us. But just as in adults, massage therapy can only accomplish so much.

For instance, tension in the spine, jaw and shoulders from birth can affect baby’s latch, though some parents may not realize that this is causing unnecessary nursing struggles. Taking part in group discussions and sharing information with other parents can bring issues such as this to light. Massage can provide some relief, though other factors may be at play, in which case it would be beneficial to seek out the proper modality that may help more effectively.

And postpartum support isn’t just for baby; many professionals also offer support for mom’s mental wellness, pelvic floor health and birth recovery including cesarean rehab and scar treatment. Postpartum life takes it’s toll so it’s important to remember to care for yourself.

I am grateful to be part of a community of professionals who support birthing families such as sleep and lactation consultants, physiotherapists, doulas and therapists. Should you ever have questions or concerns about yourself or your baby, I would be happy to put you in contact with any one of them.

Build Confidence in Yourself

Being a new parent brings on complex emotions. The desire to do what is best for your baby and the onslaught of unsolicited advice, often contradictory, can be overwhelming; under such pressure, anyone would feel lost and unsure of themselves.

When asked for parenting advice in the past, I was often reluctant to respond. Each baby, each relationship and each family is unique, so advice that works for one may prove to be ineffective for another. Now when asked the same question, that is exactly the advice that I give: do what you believes works best for your family, and disregard the rest. You are already the expert of your own baby and you know far more than you give yourself credit for. Trust your instinct.

The purpose of my class is to teach you about massage and share information that you can adapt to suit your family safely and effectively. It is not my place to tell you how to care for your baby, but I will use what knowledge I have to support you in that journey.

Make a Lasting Impact

There is more to massage therapy than pain relief and relaxation. The mental and emotional impact of touch is far more powerful than we currently comprehend and numerous studies have only begun to scratch the surface. Through massage we can bond more deeply with our children and teach them about communication, boundaries, self-love and emotional regulation.

The techniques that you will learn are only a tiny fraction of what makes this class so special; it reflects my admiration for the art of massage and what I believe it can accomplish mentally, emotionally and socially for our community.

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